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9 Ways to Revitalize your Home this Spring

By Aura | March 30, 2021

While COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out and the end of strict quarantine measures are just beyond the horizon, spring is also steadily making its way into the frame. We’ve been thinking about how spring cleaning and home design will take on a new meaning in 2021 as people begin to slowly transition out of quarantine and head back to work and life. 

The last year has definitely brought about a paradigm shift in home design. With that in mind, we decided to share some of our own interior design tips that can revitalize your space during this spring, a time of transition. Below are ten quick and simple ways to create and maintain style, comfort, and beauty. Read on for more insights from Scott Chapps, Aura’s Chief Creative Officer, plus find useful decluttering and design tips from interior designers, Rashida Banks, and Tommy Lei.

1. DIY or Hire a Pro?: Do it Yourself!

A year of home confinement inspired a wave of industriousness and imagination. As folks were forced to stare at their walls, furniture, and decor ad nauseam, they tapped into the motivation they needed to reshape their surroundings independently. At Aura, we encourage everyone to keep that DIY energy as we head into spring and beyond. Not only does this add to the distinct character of your space, but it also adds to your sense of accomplishment and pride. 

2. Re-cycle, reuse, reduce

Homes are now hubs for work, school, entertainment, and family. Guest bedrooms became office spaces, dining rooms became classrooms, and living rooms became movie theaters. This spring, we encourage you to maintain this practical approach to design. Every item in your home should have a purpose. And if you discover that your home decor no longer adds to the space, we suggest you get creative. Most home items have the potential to be up-cycled into something new and even more beautiful.

3. Organize and enjoy your photos 

Memories are snapshots of a time gone by. Often, these memories are stored in our mind, waiting to be relived again at a moment’s notice. But, we rarely rely on our mind’s eye to revisit the past. These days, we have the internet. With so much information and content filling up our online feeds, it only makes sense that we’d need another tool to address this oversaturated, uncurated mess of pixels. Aura digital picture frames serve as a versatile, stylish, and customizable solution to the overwhelming bedlam of online photo streams that exist today. 

Tommy Lei, Founder of MYBELONGING, goes on to share their personal approach to organizing: 

“As much as I like to keep my family photos around and on-hand, I think it’s really nice to keep them all in one place - my Aura digital photo frame keeps them all organized in one spot. I can keep uploading new pictures directly from my phone’s camera roll - it’s another great way to back up all your photos without increasing my carbon footprint.”   

4. Keep it Light

You can never go wrong with good lighting. Not only does it add life to any space, but it also supports a clear mind. Good light helps you stay focused, alert, and creative. Keep your windows and doors open to let natural light in. On gloomy days, you can also use natural light bulbs or light therapy devices, like Happy Light, that mimic daylight and enhance your mood.

5. Boost your mood by experimenting with color

What better way to usher in spring than with a new color palette? Whether it's in your home office or living room, when you begin searching for a new palette, you should consider how color can influence your mood, imagination, and productivity. According to Scott Chapps, 

“Most offices feature dull colors like grays and browns which, to be frank, is why many people aren’t excited about working there. It’s been scientifically-proven that adding primary colors to your workspace can increase productivity. Spring is the perfect time to introduce color into your office. Add an accent color to your workspace to give you more inspiration and an extra boost. I personally love Illuminating, the 2021 Pantone color of the year. This bright and cheerful yellow is energizing and perfect for the spring. It’s a great productivity boost - especially for creatives and entrepreneurs.”

6. Declutter like your mother!  

One of the most important parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter. We recommend this tried and true four-step approach to get the job done: trash, give away, store or put away. Rashida Banks, an interior designer based in Washington D.C., shares her helpful takeaway from her own experience with decluttering her photos for spring: 

“My Aura frame really helps me reflect on memorable moments but in a consolidated way. Who wouldn't love to have pictures of their family and friends everywhere? But that's not always aesthetically pleasing. So now all my favorite pictures don't have to be printed anymore! They're now housed in a beautiful modern digital picture frame that keeps my surfaces decluttered. And a decluttered home is a well-designed home!”

Need help? We recommend NEAT Method, a lifestyle service that specializes in organizing, unpacking, and downsizing homes. 

7. Embrace the Purge 

They call it “spring cleaning” for a reason. Spring is when we emerge from the winter blues with a focus on freshening up our spaces and lives. But, letting go of certain things can be hard, whether from great sentimental value or because it just takes too much planning and effort to get rid of them. When facing the latter, Tommy Lei suggests this: 

“When it comes to spring cleaning, the bulk of my ‘purge’ starts in the closet. I try to keep two separate piles: one to resell at places like Crossroads and one to donate. The temptation to drop off everything at a Salvation Army or Goodwill is strong - but I do think it’s particularly important that we also seek local homeless or foster shelters to donate anything that would benefit the wellbeing of those in need. The best part is that you can bundle clothing with extra beauty, grooming and food supplies when bringing them to a shelter.” 

8. Combine Natural with Decor

Although some people are headed back to the office, many will keep working from home and want their spaces to remain feeling welcoming and warm. A rising decor trend we’ll keep seeing is the addition of more natural elements into homes. Think organic and earthy-feeling materials like woven 100% cotton throws, wicker baskets, terracotta vases, and marble coffee tables. Then there’s also the rise of self-described “plant parents” who have filled their homes with a diverse array of succulents and even more high-maintenance foliage like ferns or cheese plants. 

9. Thoughtful Placement is Key 

People are making their spaces cozier by surrounding themselves with the things they love- especially photos. Aura digital picture frames are a great way to keep your happy memories present and loved ones front and center. There are so many ways to style Aura in your home and our digital photo frames can be either a focal point or a great background addition. 

To give your Aura space to shine, place it on a table or shelf near light accessories like a stack of books or candelabra. Place it at an angle to engage viewers and draw in their attention for great conversation starters about family photos or pictures from our last tropical adventure. More from Scott:  

“Aura sits well among different three-dimensional items on a mantel or shelf. Geometric sculptures, potted succulents, and modern figurines can enhance your Aura’s display and bring more personality into your home.”

We hope this how-to was helpful and we encourage you to share your own tips and insights with us online @Auraframes. Be sure to check out this post to discover how Tommy Lei incorporates the feel-good design of the Smith Aura frame into his home decor.