An Engaging Way to Use an Aura Frame

By Aura  | November 20, 2020

As you may have guessed, during this year’s pandemic and quarantine orders the use of Aura digital photo frames has increased. Many of our customers are enjoying having the ability to share cherished memories and family photos with loved ones who live far away and even close by. Recently, we discovered that one of our customers, with a little help from his family, used his Aura picture frame to propose to his girlfriend during quarantine. 

Mike Whitefield had planned to propose on the anniversary of his first date with Fallon Kimball. His plans included a recreation of that first date by taking her to the Mexican restaurant where they ate and the bar where they had a nightcap. He planned to pop the question over the same drink they ordered six years earlier. 

Selfie of couple

Unfortunately, on the day of their anniversary, a stay in place order was issued for their town, halting Mike’s plans to recreate the date at their favorite spots. He decided to do the next best thing and have this special date at home. He enlisted his brothers to create a drawing of the couple's beloved cats with a “Will you marry me?” message on it and send it to Mike’s frame. After the cocktails were mixed, Fallon was surprised to see the message come across the frame and Mike down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hands. 

Fallon happily agreed and the couple is now enjoying their engagement and planning for their big day. Best wishes from Aura and we hope you fill your frame with life-long memories. 

Marriage proposal via Aura Frame

Are you invited to an upcoming wedding? We think Harper’s Bazaar is on to something with their idea of giving an Aura frame to the happy couple. ❤️