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Aura Unveils Special Edition Frame with Designer Michael Aram

By Aura | September 9, 2022

Aura introduces the Aura ✕ Michael Aram Heart Digital Photo Frame: a one-of-a-kind connected frame featuring the award-winning American Armenian artist’s signature handcrafted heart motif.

Available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s as part of their 150th anniversary, the Special Edition frame combines heritage design with modern technology for a truly unique tabletop frame that could only be achieved through the partnership.

“We partnered with Michael Aram to create an exclusive, first-of-its-kind interpretation on one of his most iconic frame designs as a way to celebrate the gift of love and connection this holiday season,” said Scott Chapps, Aura Chief Creative Officer. “The frame blends together timeless craftsmanship with intelligent technology to deliver a home decor product that beautifully displays life’s best moments.”

Joining Smith as part of the Aura Editions collection, the Aura ✕ Michael Aram connected frame features everything you love about Aura, with design details that will truly make your favorite memories shine:

  • 9.7” 2K display with a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution

  • 30 individually hand-drawn hearts forged into the silver-plated bezel

  • A custom heart-shaped footstand that mirrors the bezel design on the front of the frame

  • Dual orientation with the ability to place the frame in either portrait or landscape for the perfect fit no matter where it’s displayed

  • Built-in sensors that automatically adjust the screen’s brightness to match the room’s lighting, including shutting the frame off at night

  • An interactive touch bar to swipe through photos, view details, and more - all while leaving your screen free from fingerprints

  • All your favorite software features, including smart cropping for optimized photo placement, automatic curation of images in your slideshow, an in-app scanner to add your oldest memories to your frame, and a Colorizer feature within the app to instantly transform black-and-white images in an instant.

  • Built-in speaker allows you to enjoy the audio from all your favorite videos.

  • Custom Aura ✕ Michael Aram packaging along with the ability to pre-load a frame with photos and a personalized message for easy, thoughtful gift-giving.

The Aura ✕ Micheal Aram Frame is available at Bloomingdales and for $399 while supplies last. Visit to learn more about the Aura ✕ Michael Aram frame.