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Pride Inside: How the Aura LGBTQ Community is Celebrating This Year

By Aura | June 28, 2020

Today, Sunday, June 28, marks the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an uprising at the New York gay bar the Stonewall Inn. This moment is widely known for sparking the LGBTQ liberation movement. Largely led by Black and brown trans women, this anniversary is commemorated every year with Pride marches and celebrations in cities across the U.S. 

With many parades canceled this year because of COVID-19, we asked our LGBTQ community how they’re celebrating, honoring and creating memories during Pride.


I’m celebrating Pride this year for the second time in my new home of Philadelphia. As a Black queer man who loves the outdoors and bringing people together, I’m hosting Black queer hikes and recording conversations with loved ones reflecting on our experiences as Queer Black people. This is especially important during the Juneteenth weekend, just one day representative of Black people’s efforts towards freedom and dignity; and it falls on Pride month! As the nation grows to pay more attention to racial inequity in all realms, one action I am taking is to reflect and honor our efforts for peace and joy.

Jen & Tracy

We’re thankful for the protections the LGBTQ community has experienced in the past decade. But we’ll only be fully liberated when we prioritize racial justice. Our liberation as queer Asians is tied to the liberation of Black queer people. We’ve been reflecting on this and the legacy of Pride and those whose shoulders we stand on. From the Stonewall and the Compton Cafeteria Riots, black and Latinx transwomen put their bodies and lives on the frontline for LGBTQ people to be seen and treated as equals. This collective fight for freedom has allowed us to get married in front of our large immigrant families, protects us from discrimination in the workplace, and make it possible to envision a thriving family and home with pride.

Lisa and Beth

This year, despite social distancing, we will celebrate the 50th SF Pride through daily actions and will virtually watch the LGBT+ festivities and film festival shows. The road to full equality for all continues to be a journey. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, and are hopeful that we will propel forward towards a better and more just future for everyone.


Pride 2020, for me, is about acknowledging how we got here, how pride is even a celebration now because originally, pride was an uprising against police brutality and state violence. Black trans women led that rebellion against the raids and state violence. Miss Major Griffin Gracy, Stormé Delarverie, and a lot of people joined in saying enough is enough. That fight continues today and calls attention to just how far we have to go in terms of equality and justice. So for pride 2020, I dedicate myself to humbly studying, talking about, and being with the discomfort around my own internalized racism. Building equality is like building a cathedral it may not be finished in my lifetime but I will continue doing the work to create something beautiful for all. 

Sidney & Gabriela

We are celebrating Pride this year by getting really into planning our wedding!  We don’t take for granted that this was a right we were not afforded only 5 years ago. So, we’re very excited to get to celebrate! 


I’m celebrating Pride this year by being in love with my girlfriend, and embracing any/all opportunities to be queer and support the queer community! Whether that’s making my queerness visible (Instagram) or buying/supporting LGBTQ businesses (Almanac brewing!). I’m feeling hopeful and grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with people who care to listen.

Thanks to all who opened their hearts and shared their Pride stories with us today. Sharing memories and reflecting keeps us connected to each other and to our past, linking generations and reminding us of the strength of others throughout history.