Smith Styling: Shiran of Styled by Shi Shi

By Aura | August 16, 2020

We talked to some of our favorite influencers about the importance of feel-good design - that the objects we surround ourselves with shouldn’t just look good, they should make us feel good. This is especially true when it comes to the Aura Smith frame, which combines top-of-the-line looks with warm-your-heart vibes. See how the Smith frame can be both the centerpiece of any room, and the vehicle for sharing and enjoying favorite memories in this week’s installment of “Smith Styling,” featuring Shiran of Styled by Shi Shi.

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Shiran (of @styledbyshishi) is a content creator, socialite, wife, mom of 3, fashion enthusiast, and more with the most appropriate title shifting depending on the time of day. This all goes without saying that we’re huge fans of Shi Shi over here at Aura. We adore her aesthetic and style and her *witty & entertaining* Instagram and TikTok videos make us smile. As a stay-at-home mom, Shiran has put extra love into making her New York house a cozy home for her family. Read on to see just how she did it and how she’s styling her Aura Smith frame in her home.

Image of ShiShi with children

Give us an intro! We want to hear all about you. 

Hello, my name is Shiran of @StyledbyShiShi and I am the co-founder and sole female member of my male dominated mini-human entourage. In reality, I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys; a preschooler, toddler and a baby. I enjoy sharing my daily motherhood chronicles, infused with fashion and a much needed dose of humor. 

Image of Smith Aura Frame in child

Tell us all about your beautiful home!

I would describe the interior style of our home to be somewhere on the spectrum between ‘traditional’ and ‘transitional.’ I love a good tufted sofa, a silk Persian rug and decadent crushed velvet chairs in rich jewel tones all juxtaposed against white walls with ornate crown moldings. Throw in a lavish crystal drop round chandelier and I’ll be clapping like a seal. My go-to style is sophistication and polish with a warm and inviting feel. Can’t have the house looking like a museum with 3 boys on the loose so we created a space that's both elegant for grownups and yet, sippy- cup friendly. Here are a few of my interior design destinations: Restoration Hardware, Horchow, 1stdibs, and Gilt Home

Image of Smith Aura Frame in child

We know you’re a big fan of Aura! We’d love to hear what you like about the Smith frame. 

Yes. I own a few Aura digital frames and have given many of them to our family members over the years - trust me, they make for the perfect gift! I am always impressed with how elegant, sleek and modern they look. The new Smith stainless steel frame is my favorite one to date. It may be a high-tech piece of equipment but this time it’s reinvented in a beautifully feminine rose gold color. I decided to place it in my baby’s nursery , right next to my upholstered linen rocker chair and a metal rose gold bassinet.

Image of Smith Aura Frame in room

I spend a lot of time doing the ‘rock-till-you-drop’ mom dance as I nurse Benjamin to sleep so it’s always nice to have all of our family memories displayed on the frame. The auto-dimming feature, which enables the screen to self -adjust according to the lightning in the room sure comes in handy at nap & bedtime. 

Image of Shishi with children outside

Our homes are such a special place - so much happens there. What are some of the favorite memories you’ve made at home?  

All 3 of our children were born while we lived in the same house so our home truly holds a special place in my heart. These boys of mine truly turned my world upside down from the moment they came out ‘the sunroof’ (humor for c-section) and placed in my numb arms. It was love at first latch as I cradled their tiny bodies against my chest. They taught me how to be selfless, patient and love unconditionally. I watched my first born take his first steps in our kitchen, witnessed my rambunctious toddler smearing butt paste all over our custom-made silk rugs in the living room and am now experiencing all of these things for the third time with our youngest member of the tribe. I am lucky and blessed to be their mom.

Image of ShiShi with stroller

Follow Shiran on Instagram to keep up with her and her adorable family as she navigates fashion, motherhood, and more daily.